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Online Booking and e-gift cards

Our easy to use Online Booking site is powered by our Square POS system. Instantly receive text and e-mail confirmation of appointments and reminders.  All appointments are permitted to be modified up to two hours prior to confirmed booking, though 24 hours notice is recommended.  

No shows - If you noshow on your appointment more than once you will be required to pay for the last missed appointment before booking a new service. 


E-Gift cards are available 24/7 from the E-Gift Card order page, where you can choose an E-Gift Card design, amount and time of delivery, as well as add a personal message and the recipient’s information.

Recipients can check their E-Gift Card balance from the original E-Gift Card email by clicking on the View Your E-Gift Card button. The page will have information about the card balance, transaction history, methods for redemption and the original gifting message.

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