policies and instructions for clients and barbers

Updated April 2022


1. DO NOT ENTER IF YOU ARE SICK - we all know this now

2. Mask policies are whatever the latest and current Interior Heath authority say.



Please note policies outlined below are subject to change without notice and are updated regularly due to the ever changing situation.  Any Client or Barber not adhering to all policies will not be permitted within the shop.  

Any person, client or worker presenting symptoms of COVID-19 including but not limited to cough, fever, sneezing, soar throat or shortness of breath may NOT enter the shop.  THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Arrival quick notes

  1. Do not enter if you have any symptoms of illness, including cough, soar throat and sneezing.
  2. Masks are whatever the province says at the current time
  3. Waiting room is only open to clients who are next in line for appointments. All seating is properly spaced for social distancing guidelines (2 meters). No friends, parents, or anyone who is not next in line for services will be permitted in the waiting area.
  4. Maintain social distancing at all times.
  5. Keep personal items to a minimum.
  6. Sanitize hands immediately after entering and after your service.
  • You must  ensure you are on time for your appointment and advise your Barber of your arrival at the door.  You will be permitted in the shop by your Barber when it is safe to enter.  This is to ensure we maintain proper social distancing  between clients and  have time to properly disinfect and sanitize. Please arrive alone. 
  • Please note ****Anyone more than TEN minutes late will lose their appointment time and will need to reschedule**** This is due to to the time required to clean and sanitize between clients. 

Children's Appointments 

  • Children of all ages must adhere to provincial COVID laws. 
  • Children must be able to sit for the duration of their appointment with their barber without being accompanied by their guardians
  • Children who are unable to wear a mask, sit untended or create disturbances will be refused service at the discretion of the Barber
  • Guardians may wait outside of the shop during the appointment, not within the shop.  
    • We understand these measures may be difficult, however we must keep our staff and clients safe and comfortable. 

For All Clients

  • Inside waiting areas are only for the very next service. Come alone to your appointment.
  • Please minimize the use of the shop washroom and use your washroom at home prior to the appointment if possible.
  • Clients with confirmed appointments are not to enter the shop until instructed by their Barber.
    • Patrons may wait outside the shop away from the door or in their vehicle and will be advised when they are permitted in the shop after they have let their Barber know they have arrived at the door.
  • All persons entering the shop must immediately wash/sanitize their hands before and after their services.
  • No walk-in traffic will be permitted
  • Please limit use of cell phones/personal items to prevent contamination during your appointment 
  • Beverages may or may not be served 
  • Appointment times may be extended to allow proper sanitizing and disinfecting of all surfaces between clients. 
  • Appointment times may be changed, cancelled or re-scheduled with minimal notice by the shop at the discretion of the Barber. 
  • We request clients who are considered high risk of COVID-19 to not book appointments at this time to limit their potential exposure to the virus and remain home
  • Beard and shave services may be limited or not performed without notice
  • No product for sale is to be touched by the client , your Barber will remove the product from the shelves
  • Respect social distancing

For Barbers

Any Barber presenting symptoms of COVID-19 will NOT be permitted to work

  • Barbers with contact with any known person(s) presenting symptoms will NOT be permitted to work.
  • Full sanitizing and disinfection will be done between clients of door handles, chairs, station, tools, brushes, handles, drawers, POS system and any other surface or object touched by the client or barber with ZEP Spirit II Disinfectant - stated on the bottle to kill SARS-CoV-2 Virus which causes COVID-19.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times by the Barbers.
  • Barbers must wash their hands before and after every service. Hands must be washed if objects other than their sanitized tools are touched during services.
  • Barbers will wear an apron for all services and clean laundered clothing for each shift.
  • New capes will be used on every client.
  • Products used for the clients will be removed from containers with disposable tools and only used once.
  • All tools and their handles, brushes, surfaces, chairs, door handles, drawers and any touched surfaced will be fully disinfected and sanitized between every client.
  • Purchased product will be removed from the shelves by the Barber.
  • Shop floors will be steam cleaned at the beginning and the end of every shift.
  • Full shop cleaning of all product containers, low traffic / touch surfaces, walls, glass and all areas will be done at the end of every shift.

All COVID-19 policies are subject to change without notice.  Shop closure and service changes or cancellations may be enforced without notice. Please check the Home page for updates.

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